What we offer at First 4 Pools

Plant Room Builds & Rebuilds

First4Pools can build or refurbish your swimming pool plant room so that it gives your pool a brand new feeling.

Existing pool plant rooms require servicing and maintenance to get them back into full working order. A new pool filter, heater or pump can make a huge difference to your swimming pool.

There are many new advancements that can bring your swimming pool forward into the 21st century. The latest pumps, filters, heaters and dosing equipment have all been designed with running costs in mind, so a new plant room could make your swimming pool cheaper to run each year! Damaged dangerous electrics, faulty timers and old jamming contactors can all cause some serious problems if left un-fixed.

Chemicals & Water Treatment

We are water treatment experts and provide a first class swimming pool maintenance service, including Spring opening, Winter shutdown and one-off swimming pool cleaning as well as spa and hot tub maintenance.

Swimming pool, hot tub and spa water treatment using effective Swimming Pool and Spa chemicals is vitally important in order to keep your water in perfect condition.

First4Pools supply a large range of leading water treatment products that will ensure that your pool or spa remains in the best possible condition all year round.

Pool Maintenance & Repair

Swimming pool maintenance, refurb and repair in the Bath, Bristol and surrounding areas.


First4Pools provides swimming pool maintenance and repair services as well as supplying important pool chemicals, accessories, help and advice. From the supply and fitting of swimming pool filters, pumps, heaters, liners, cleaners, covers and everything else you require; we can also repair and replace faulty items and offer advice if you are looking to upgrade your equipment. Click to find out more.

Pool Covers & Enclosures

There are various types of swimming pool covers and enclosures available for the private and commercial market. First4Pools have experience of fitting these and working with our clients to find the best and most cost-effective option available for them.

With a swimming pool enclosure you can enjoy the benefits of your pool throughout the winter months.

Enclosing your pool in a summer environment is a wise decision. It will ensure that the money invested in your garden and swimming pool will be utilised all year round.

Some of the benefits include:

- Extending the pool season without additional heating bills.
- Trapping heat produced by the sun or heated water.
- Preventing temperature loss.
- Easier pool maintenance, water monitoring & chemical dosing.
- Keeps the pool free from dirt and debris.
- Prevents damage to the pool during wintertime.
- Prevents accidents.
- Enjoy the pleasure of an open-air swimming pool on hot days.

If you're interested in finding out more or would like a quote or some advice, please contact us.

Products & Accessories

We supply swimming pool covers, chemicals, counter current swimming units, automatic swimming pool cleaners and a wide range of other items you may need for your pool and spa.