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Caldera® Spas design and construct extraordinary hot tubs, all products are designed with the focus of bringing you a personal wellness retreat. Aiming to make you feel more relaxed, flexible and focused, Caldera® Spas are the perfect hot tub brand to relieve you from your busy lifestyle.


By owning a Caldera® Spa, you will release the stress of daily life. Releasing that stress is important to your physical health as well as your mental health and attitude, and affects nearly every part of life, potentially including from how your immune system functions to how well you relate to the people around you.


By using a Caldera Spa® you accelerate recovery of tired muscles from your workout or sport/activity that is important to your quality of your life. You calm your thoughts and rejuvenate your mind. You always have the chance to emerge from a hot tub changed, improved person. Your body, as a result of hot tub hydrotherapy, is warmed, more flexible and limber. Pain is alleviated. Your mind is clearer and you are calm.

FreshWater® Salt System


Until now, water care has been complicated, confusing and hard to manage. Caldera's FreshWater® Salt System has revolutionised the hot tub industry by making water care simple and intuitive, so you can relax and experience the full wellness benefits that come from daily immersion in hot water. The unique and patented salt system automatically generates chlorine, keeping water clean and fresh for a full year.

With the FreshWater Salt System, you’ll enjoy:


This easy-to-use system is available on all 2019 Utopia™ and Paradise™ Series spas. To find out more click here.

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